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Thursday, 24th August 2023

Taj MG Road, Bengaluru

Building Next Gen Customer Experience at Scale

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Understand - Implement - Deliver

Organizations are indeed getting ready for the future by looking beyond conventional CX methods, to place digital experiences first and evolving along with their modern consumers. The pandemic has pushed consumers towards digital channels & has significantly increased customer expectations.

With digital transformation and interaction becoming a norm, there has been an increase in the usage of smart technologies to assist customers with AI and machine learning enabling brands to gain a more accurate understanding of its customers to serve them effectively.

The success of every business today majorly depends on the experience it provides to its customers. Customers today expect seamless, omni-channel service which provide them with necessary information and support to make informed decisions.

This exclusive conference will bring in the best minds across India to share and explore new innovative ways to connect & communicate with your customers with new age tools & technologies, building trust while putting the customer first and ensuring personalised experience in the digital age.

Featured Speakers

Sumanshu Dwivedi

Siddharth Sriram

Head of Marketing and CX - Echo FireTV & Kindle


Sumanshu Dwivedi

Sunil Menon

Chief Retail Expansion Officer (Global)


Fareed Khan

Nishant Pradhan

Senior Vice President 2 and Analytics Head for Digital Bank

Axis Bank

Sumanshu Dwivedi

Kaleem Khan

Head crew performance & customer inflight Services


Arun Jalali

Brad Meehan

Managing Director

Strativity Group

Arun Jalali

Mithun Sundar

Executive Director - Chief Partner Officer

Microsoft India

Sachin Jaiswal

Subhajit Mazumder

Director Sales Excellence

Microsoft India

Arun Jalali

Sanjukta Jaiswal

Head of Solution Engineering


Sanjay Sachdeva

Sanjay Sachdeva

Head-CRM Jockey India

Page Industries

Fareed Khan

Ambika Sultania

Head of CX


Rajiv Nagarajan

Rajiv Nagarajan

DGM & Head cx social media

Bharti Airtel

Narayan Keshavan

Narayan Keshavan

Head - Digital Analytics (Customer Sentiment)

Dell Technologies

Arun Jalali

Yashwanth Kumar

Group President Customer Locality & Analytics

Landmark Group

Arun Jalali

Joe Emmanuel

Senior Vice President - Products, Global Business Development & Presales


Arun Jalali

Sreejith A R

Senior Director, Engineering and Head of Traveler Ecosystem and Data


Ankur Mathur

Ankit Mathur

Vice President - Operations Technology & Innovation


Runaldeep Nandy

Runaldeep Nandy

Head of customer success management

Vodafone Business

Runaldeep Nandy

Jyothi Plappara

Head of Airline Operations and Airport IT

Amadeus Labs India

Fareed Khan

Harshini Sreedhar

Business Head

India Uniphore

Maharajan Chidambaram

Maharajan Chidambaram

Director (CX Design & Strategy)


Fareed Khan

Fareed Khan

Head CRM

Titan Company Ltd

Fareed Khan

Vijoy Nair

Head CX

Decathlon Sports India

Fareed Khan

Supriya Rath

Head of Customer Experience

Lenovo India.

Fareed Khan

Smita Dutta

Director - Service Delivery

American Express

Sreemoyee Dastidar

Sreemoyee Dastidar

CoE Lead- Customer


Vikrant saini

Vikrant saini

Head customer Engineering

Razor pay

Vikrant saini

Santosh Chand

Head customer Happiness

Air Asia

Vikrant saini

Prashant Sharma

Vice President - CX, Risk and Payments


Vikrant saini

Nand Kishore

Executive Vice President - Strategy/Innovation

Intertrust Group

Who should Attend

Heads/Directors/ CXO/Vice Presidents in:

Customer Experience

Customer Analytics

Contact Centre

Customer Operations

Customer Relations

Customer Support

Customer Care

Customer Service

Service Delivery

Innovation & Technology/ Digital Channels

Key themes to be Addressed

Immaculate CX practices for the next decade.

Technology and CX: Designing your CX strategy with Analytics

Transforming the Customer Experience AI and ML.

CX Now: Time to transform your B2B Customer Experience

CX Starts with EX: Building Experiences that matter

Demonstrate commercial value of the ROI in CX

Strengthening Internal Communication for Next Gen Experience

Strategic Insight-Managing Customer Expectations to Survive or Thrive

Creating a Customer Centric Culture in your organization.

Innovation & Technology/ Digital Channels

Customer Truth to Action: Utilize VOC and consumer analytics to enhance your customer experience.

Innovation is the Future - The Key to innovate and upgrade your Customer Experience.

Why you should Attend

The 13th Edition CX Strategy Summit & Awards 2023 will feature case studies, thought leader sessions, panel discussions, and more to examine the best techniques for improving customer experience. This event will serve as a roadmap for you to create and provide a consistent client experience.

Where else will you get the opportunity to meet senior CX professionals from around the industry?

Where else will you be able to compare best practices and have an open discussion about your problems?

Where else can you learn what it takes to develop the greatest CX strategies?

Where else can you learn about the latest CX technology and measurement tools?

How Sponsoring this event will help you

  • Learn from the industry

    Know what the industry needs today: Know from the key decision makers what are the real trends and major challenges in CX industry they are facing, what are the apt solutions they are looking for etc. Know how your services will benefit them.

  • Network and interact directly with your potential customers. This would help you identify if the customer is actually in the need of the solution, what are his major challenges, what is his budget for the same, what are the other options he is looking for in the market.

  • The event is attended by the most senior-level decision makers, connecting with them in a collaborative environment by showcasing your services either by exhibiting or taking part in the programme, increases your chances of building strong sales pipeline and potential clients.

  • Showcasing your company at event attended by top head establishes your company, in the eyes of your prospects and your existing clients.

  • Target your best prospects in a positive, collaborative environment where they are open to new ideas. Attendees are always looking for exciting new partnering opportunities. Our webinars offer you an ideal opportunity to make contact and future business.

  • Schedule 1:1 meetings with executives who hold budget and are specifically interested in your solutions.


Julie Frino

Shriram Finance Limited

Attending this Conference will help you to understand the Solutions, identifying the best practise used by their industries It will also help you to find a solution partner.

Siddhartha Banerjee

BSH Home Appliances India

Good Session to understand best practices of improving customer experiences

Arvind Singh


Very insightful. Worth attending session as there are multiple take away. Very well organized & executed

Rajendra Gadiyar

Quantum Asset Management Co Pvt Ltd

Excellent value addition out of box thinking, knowledge

Vijayaraghavan Krishnamurthy


Go for it! Superb event which was well organized and professionally executed

Ashish Gosavi

Universal Sompo General Insurance

This is a great forum to understand how everyone is passionating taking steps to improve & provide a great experience to customers.

Chandrasen Manjrekar,CFP

Quantum Asset Management

Very enlighten and enriching experience in terms & takeaway from this program. Great learning happiness programme throughout the day. All sessions were very useful for customer experience perspective.

Nilima Palav


I am glad I attended this CX summit. I must say it was an excellent experience. The session was insightful and engaging and I learned a lot about the latest solutions in field of CX. The thought leaders who spoke at the event provided valuable direction and guidance, which I found extremely helpful overall. I would highly recommend the CX summit to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in CX.