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Locobuzz is a global SaaS enterprise that specializes in digital customer experience management. Our unified CX management platform empowers brands to automate their entire customer experience journey, providing delightful experiences across all customer-facing functions. We leverage advanced AI, ML, Big Data, and Analytics to deliver real-time data analytics, automation, consumer insights, and end-to-end social media management, including publishing, listening, analytics, and engagement through a one-view unified platform.

Our AI-powered social listening capabilities unlock millions of conversations across various channels, including social media, messaging, chat, review sites, and more. This provides brands with actionable insights and data, while our powerful analytics capabilities help them understand customer demographics, social media metrics, campaign performance, and competitive market intelligence. By leveraging these insights, brands can make informed decisions about their customer experience and marketing strategies, which results in stronger customer relationships and increased lifetime value.

Our new CX Suite further elevates the platform with GPT-3-powered insights, BI capabilities for limitless analytics, a seamless UI and UX, and wider coverage through the inclusion of channels like Quora and Glassdoor. The platform is highly reliable, scalable, and secure, with a fully functional mobile application for added convenience.

Founded in 2015, Mumbai-headquartered Locobuzz is trusted by more than 200 Fortune 500 companies and marquee brands across sectors like hospitality, telecom, automotive, BFSI, retail, eCommerce, FMCG, aviation, and more. We help brands with listening and monitoring, presence management and campaign strategy, competitive and market intelligence, digital care, and consumer delight. We operate in seven countries, including India, the USA, the UK, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East and South-East Asia.

To know more please visit our website – www.locobuzz.com

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Weaddo is a MarTech Engineering brand specializing in Business Transformation through A.I. and Analytics.

With our AI-driven solutions and deep expertise in CXM and BXM, we empower businesses to transcend limitations and achieve remarkable results. Our mission is to guide businesses in seamlessly transitioning into the digital age, enabling them not only to adapt but to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

We are the solution to the Global Martech Mismatch.

Our formula for Business Transformation Success (BTS) incorporates MarTech Engineering (ME), Customer Experience Management (CXM), Business Experience Management (BXM), and Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) enhanced by A.I. This equation represents the alchemy of our success.

Our Formula for Success: BTS = ME × (CXM + BXM + TAM) × A.I.

Weaddo partners with businesses for MarTech Engineering, CXM, BXM, product development, data analytics, and empower C-suits and employees with AI-driven solutions.

Our 100+ Martech Engineers, solved 30+ use cases across geographies in Retail, Healthcare, Education & Entertainment. Our Marquee clients: Somany Ceramics, Pidilite, Lenskart, Chaayos, Nilkamal, @ homes, Doctor Dreams, Asian Paints, Boddess by Hob, Innisfree Skincare, Blue Heaven Cosmetics, Wipro northwest, Sonalika Tractors, Organic India, Bausch & Lomb, HCG Oncology, Karkinos, Siemens Healthcare, Ampath Labs, Columbia Asia, Motherhood, Antara by Max, EcoScript (US), Max Group, Lindstrom, Kanodia group, Ernst & Young, HT Media, Airtel Africa, , d2h, NIIT, Serendipity Art Foundation, and many more.

To know more please visit our website – www.weaddo.com

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Clootrack is at the forefront of customer experience analytics, offering brands invaluable insights into the reasons behind customer experiences. Clootrackexcels at processing vast amounts of unstructured data, eliminating noise, and conducting real-time analysis to provide actionable insights.

By leveraging Clootrack's insights, brands are now making rapid, customer-focused decisions that are transforming key areas like never before:

  • Enhancing customer acquisition strategies
  • Innovating in new product development
  • Increasing purchase frequency
  • Successfully entering new markets
  • Achieving competitive differentiation
  • Refining marketing communications
  • Reducing customer churn

Some powerful features of Clootrack include:

Comprehensive Data Integration: Clootrack effortlessly consolidates data from all internal and online sources, capturing every digital interaction of the customer.

Automated Noise Elimination: Clootrack ensures the highest quality of data by automatically filtering out irrelevant information.

Unbiased and Detailed Analysis: Our platform offers objective and actionable insights through an advanced, patented AI-driven unsupervised analysis.

Customizable with Full-Time Support: Clootrack platform is fully adaptable to your specific business goals and is backed by continuous support.

Sentiment Analysis for calls: Clootrack effectively converts calls into text and provides sentiment analysis in over 55 languages with an accuracy rate exceeding 93%.

Clootrack with its advanced analytics solutions can empower your organization to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition in the data-driven world.

To know more please visit our website – www.clootrack.com , www.clootrack.com/askclootrack and www.clootrack.com/probetrack-anaytics